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Secure AI Advanced Endpoint Detection & Response with AI to proactively hunt threats.

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By collecting data and analyzing its behavior using artificial intelligence cybersecurity, we can identify malicious operations faster for immediate corrective action.

A smarter net for emerging threats

You have security in place to deal with the “known bad” in cybercrime. But what about the new stuff, the emerging threats, tomorrow’s great unknown that’s still lurking in the shadows? Is the answer to just cast a wider net? That causes its own problems, like “alert fatigue” — when your IT team becomes desensitized to the constant bombardment of threat alerts that ultimately don’t amount to anything.

That’s when you need T-Mobile Secure AI. It’s a managed detection and response service that uses AI cybersecurity to collect and analyze behaviors to quickly identify if a company is under cyberattack — and determines how to respond.

Because it focuses on behaviors and motives instead of just matching endpoint data against known indicators of compromise (IOCs), Secure AI can spot suspicious activities that would otherwise get overlooked, including never-before-seen threats, fileless malware and lateral movement.

But it’s not just a wider net; it’s a smarter one. You won’t get overwhelmed with false positives that waste your team’s time and blind them to the true threats. Secure AI prevents alert fatigue by using artificial intelligence to pull together related elements of an attack to visualize the full attack story, with end-to-end context of a malicious operation.

Secure AI is an intelligent, comprehensive artificial intelligence cybersecurity solution for PCs, servers and laptops that includes software and services. It delivers prevention measures and endpoint detection and response (EDR), including managed threat hunting and threat intelligence — all in one solution and one single lightweight sensor. And you can deploy and start detecting within 24 – 48 hours.


  • 24×7 monitoring of endpoints (PCs, servers, laptops)
  • Continuous 24×7 threat hunting for APTs, breaches, malicious activity
  • Fast detection using artificial intelligence and behavioral data
  • Immediate notification of malicious activity (within 1 hour)
  • Expert course of action (within 24 hours)
  • Protection from malware, ransomware, PowerShell attacks
  • Additional support services including Enterprise endpoint install, SIEM integration and Deep Threat Hunting (consultative services)

Prevent, detect, remediate

Secure AI integrates the three core elements of security in a single agent to protect your organization from advanced threats at all stages of a cyberattack with prevention, detection, and remediation capabilities.


  • Antivirus, including next-generation antivirus (NGAV)
  • Anti-ransomware
  • Anti-PowerShell


  • Real-time attack detection and response platform
  • Active monitoring with immediate notification
  • Complete situational awareness and a deep understanding of attacker activities
  • Hunting Engine that hunts for malicious behaviors across all stages of the attack lifecycle, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with advanced, automated and scalable AI technology
  • Continuously updated library of models that look for malicious activities and tools, tactics, and procedures attackers use, so your team doesn’t have to spend weeks configuring and tuning rules


  • Endpoint detection and response (EDR)
  • A unique combination of human expertise and best-of-breed detection technology
  • Security experts monitor and analyze malicious activity in your environment
  • When confirmed malicious activity occurs, they notify you and tell you how to eliminate the threat

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