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Managed IP Telephony A simpler way to maintain, monitor and manage your communications.

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Voice, data, and video once went through separate lines—each requiring its own maintenance and management. T-Mobile unites all three for a simpler way to talk.

The days of separate lines for video, voice, and data are over. With Sprint’s Managed IP Telephony you can get all your communications through a single IP line, supported by a strong, stable, well-managed network.

T-Mobile can help you better connect your people with each other—and the apps they use—while monitoring communications to ensure quality and consistency.

Our Managed IP Telephony solutions can help you:

  • Bring your communications tools together
  • Reduce complexity and minimize costs
  • Improve call quality and consistency
  • A single, flexible IP network
  • All the IP gear you need
  • Complete managed services
  • Monitored, optimized IP infrastructure

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