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Global SIP Trunking Data and voice on one network

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Our global session initiation protocol (SIP) Trunking is a converged IP service based on a secure MPLS platform that delivers both voice and data traffic across a single network.

You’re managing big, complicated, expensive networks

Dealing with large amounts of voice and data traffic can mean lots of extra considerations for your tech teams — namely, disparate independent networks, each with their own flaws and complexities. It’s expensive and increasingly inefficient for the way we work today.

Data and voice, converged

T-Mobile Global SIP Trunking is a converged IP service that combines data and voice communication services into one solution. It offers a simple way to maximize network capacity, minimize the number of trunks needed, and save your business money. It’s front-ended with our Global MPLS service and delivers all telecommunication services over a single access circuit to the aggregated trunking location.

Why T-Mobile Business

We’re a Tier-1 network service provider delivering SIP Trunking services over our high-quality, award-winning T-Mobile Global MPLS network. We bring together the efficiency of shared trunking with the security of MPLS Virtual Private Network (VPN) transport.

  • All IP Core
  • 99.999 percent availability
  • Support for high available PBX deployments
  • Geographically redundant data centers
  • Emergency services, wireless local portability, SIP toll free and toll-free enhancements


  • Centralized trunks
  • Burstable SIP trunking on demand
  • Geo-redundant data centers with high-availability network elements
  • Self-Certify platform
  • A single point of contact for technical help
  • Advanced management and reporting tools
  • Originless international termination pricing
  • 99.999 percent availability

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When you migrate to T-Mobile SIP Trunking, our goal is to ensure a smooth, positive experience with no disruptions to your service.

  • One account team and care organization
  • A complete analysis of your network
  • Our expertise and support with your toll-free routing
  • Team approach to developing the optimal design for your solution
  • Comprehensive testing and implementation plan to ensure issues 
are identified and handled quickly and effectively
  • Dedicated implementation project manager overseeing the entire migration process

Get near-real-time network performance reports and in-depth insight with Compass, our industry-leading network management tool.

  • Easily view and manage all your network solutions, voice services, usage and costs in one place
  • Get consolidated, near-real-time details about your network
  • Receive reports on inbound and outbound calls, concurrent calls, call termination status codes and errors reported over time
  • Inventory tab provides details by location address (H6), product or status
  • Trouble Ticket Management lets you open trouble tickets related to specific locations or telephone numbers

Get the flexibility you need today

  • Easy remote access to office numbers for distributed or mobile workforces
  • Flexibility to easily add new “greenfield” locations
  • Contact center solution offers full routing flexibility such as time of day, backup, load sharing, etc.
  • Phone numbers are in the cloud for easier rerouting, supporting business continuity
  • Ability to “burst” up to 125 percent beyond standard capacity
    • Allows your business to have additional concurrent calls
    • Prevents call blocking at times of increased traffic; for example, during seasonal traffic overflows

Simplify telephony management

  • Reduce complexity by reducing the number of trunks you need
  • Contract with fewer networks and phone carriers to trim the complexity and cost of multiple disparate contracts
  • Use our easy web portal
  • Monitor costs simply, with the T-Mobile Bill Analyzer

See immediate and ongoing cost savings

  • Centralized aggregation reduces the number of trunks needed and maximizes network capacity, significantly decreasing total cost of ownership
  • No voice circuit needed, no onsite PBX or gateway to maintain, reduced legacy voice equipment
  • No charge for class-of-service, on-net calling, or for calls between T-Mobile SIP Trunking customers
  • No per-minute charge on your toll-free numbers from T-Mobile wireless devices
  • Save money on global calling with originless calling
    • We are one of the world’s largest long distance providers

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