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Global MPLS Discover virtual networks that work for you.

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High-performance, global reachability, and secure multiservice connectivity—welcome to Sprint's scalable and secure MPLS VPN service.

Managing email, internet, voice, and video over separate networks can be costly and time-consuming. T-Mobile MPLS VPN provides the infrastructure you need to converge these elements onto a single platform, removing complexity and bringing new levels of flexibility to your network.

As the only service provider with a wholly owned and managed global wireline and wireless network, our standard offering includes enhanced features, high-level performance, wide geographical coverage, and an exceptional end user experience.

  • Prioritize and optimize network performance with Customizable Class of Service (CoS)
  • Support multiple time-sensitive communications with multiservice network designation
  • Enjoy seamless communication with optimum security and global support


  • Global end-to-end SLAs
  • Customizable Class of Service (CoS)
  • Proactive service monitoring

Certainty℠ network design

Our network solutions leverage the T-Mobile exclusive Certainty network design model, an intelligent approach to multi-layer network diversity created to provide maximum network availability and application performance.

Certainty offers the choice and flexibility to deliver dynamic network solutions for dynamic digital businesses. Need to support global scale, distributed applications, compute at the edge, the core and everywhere in between? Let us design a network solution that gives you the peak performance to meet skyrocketing application demands at your headquarters or in remote locations worldwide.

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