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Dedicated Internet Support your most bandwidth-intensive operations with flexible, scalable internet access

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Want reliable, consistent network performance? Support your most bandwidth-intensive operations with T-Mobile Dedicated Internet Access.

Your network needs to support far more than just email and web browsing. Today, the internet supports content delivery, financial transactions, video streaming and more. And to do this, you need the right capabilities.

T-Mobile Dedicated Internet Service is designed to support your most bandwidth-intensive applications, scaling on demands so you always have reliable, consistent network performance.

  • Optimize performance with a simple, uniform, native IP network that spans the globe
  • Use T-Mobile expertise to streamline your complex network infrastructures
  • Simplify network management, overseeing performance and assets through the Compass web portal
  • Design your own network with feature-rich services you can tailor to your specific needs


  • Global Tier 1 IP/MPLS backbone with up to 100GB backbone links
  • Industry-leading packet performance and over 50% spare capacity
  • Highly trained and experienced technical support teams and 24/7 monitoring
  • Dual-provisioned, highest-availability architecture

Certainty℠ network design

Our network solutions leverage the T-Mobile exclusive Certainty network design model, an intelligent approach to multi-layer network diversity created to provide maximum network availability and application performance.

Certainty offers the choice and flexibility to deliver dynamic network solutions for dynamic digital businesses. Need to support global scale, distributed applications, compute at the edge, the core and everywhere in between? Let us design a network solution that gives you the peak performance to meet skyrocketing application demands at your headquarters or in remote locations worldwide.

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