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DataLink A secure, private, direct connection to your network

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A direct, secure connection to your local network.

Sales teams, field service engineers, remote sites and stores—there are plenty of people and places that do most of (or all of) their work out of the office. So, how do you get them secure, direct access to all the good stuff in the office: the apps, people and data they really need?

T-Mobile Data Link solves this problem, directly connecting remote workers and locations to your business WAN. Offering a high-speed wireless link between remote sites and the corporate network, Data Link ensures connected devices can securely access services and data on your WAN, without touching public internet channels.

With T-Mobile Data Link you can:

  • Keep your people connected when they’re on the go
  • Improve communication, workflows and key processes
  • Increase security with a direct, private connection
  • Boost business continuity, with a backup to traditional wired connections


  • Connects remote sites and workers to the WAN
  • Quick provisioning and deployment
  • 99.9% availability
  • Secure, private channels

Certainty℠ network design

Our network solutions leverage the T-Mobile exclusive Certainty network design model, an intelligent approach to multi-layer network diversity created to provide maximum network availability and application performance.

Certainty offers the choice and flexibility to deliver dynamic network solutions for dynamic digital businesses. Need to support global scale, distributed applications, compute at the edge, the core and everywhere in between? Let us design a network solution that gives you the peak performance to meet skyrocketing application demands at your headquarters or in remote locations worldwide.

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