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Cloud IVR T-Mobile IVR: help your customers to help themselves

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Convenience is everything. Discover smart, quick, scalable and 100% available IVR.

A good IVR can connect your customers to the information they need without putting any extra strain on your resources. A great one can do this while building trust, boosting customer satisfaction, and capturing useful data along the way.

With Sprint’s cloud-based IVR, you can easily help callers from anywhere in the world, using multi-language speech recognition, touch-tone selection, and self-service capabilities that can be deployed and used, simply and quickly, without requiring any technical know-how.

In a world where customers crave convenience, it’s the easiest way to provide the quickest route to the right information.

  • Ramp up your CSAT with a fast, simple, multi-lingual IVR
  • Securely capture customer data to develop a 360° view of your customers
  • Solve customer problems faster with voice capture, variable-based routing and more


  • Scalable speech-enabled IVR
  • Carrier-grade architecture
  • True business intelligence
  • Full CRM integration

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