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National Broadband Business-grade broadband

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If you have multiple stores or branch offices, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to connect them to the internet. Our business-class broadband internet is an affordable, scalable, high-speed alternative to TDM or Ethernet.

Connecting all your sites to the internet can get expensive.

How many enterprises are contained within a single building? Today’s distributed enterprises are sprawled across an entire region or maybe the whole country, with multiple branch offices or retail locations. And every single one of those sites needs to be connected to the internet. If you outfit each one with a TDM or Ethernet connection, the costs quickly pile up.

T-Mobile National Broadband can save you money.

T-Mobile National Broadband internet service is an affordable high-speed transport alternative for your WAN that connects your locations to the internet over DSL, cable or fiber broadband. It’s ideal especially for multiple stores or satellite offices needing internet access for non-mission-critical business apps, credit card authorization, guest Wi-Fi, digital signage and other uses that don’t require TDM or Ethernet. You can also use it as a cost-effective backup for your TDM or Ethernet.


  • Cable modem or NID, business-grade internet access and configuration
  • 24x7x365 monitoring, notifications, WAN issue resolution and Help Desk support
  • SLOs include installation and 99% availability

Certainty℠ network design

Our network solutions leverage the T-Mobile exclusive Certainty network design model, an intelligent approach to multi-layer network diversity created to provide maximum network availability and application performance.

Certainty offers the choice and flexibility to deliver dynamic network solutions for dynamic digital businesses. Need to support global scale, distributed applications, compute at the edge, the core and everywhere in between? Let us design a network solution that gives you the peak performance to meet skyrocketing application demands at your headquarters or in remote locations worldwide.

Nationwide footprint

We have one of the largest broadband internet service footprints in North America, with coverage available throughout the contiguous U.S. and Hawaii. National Broadband is not available in Alaska at this time.

Service and support

Our service level objectives include installation in 35 business days and 99% availability. And you’ll have access to a T-Mobile 24x7x365 customer service help desk to report trouble and get support on any issues.

National Broadband is well suited for SD-WAN. And you can layer CPE, management and security, including IP Defender (DDoS) protection, and cloud or CPE-based firewall (including half tunnels), with your business broadband service.

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As your business continues to grow, it’s easy to add National Broadband service to connect new sites to high-speed internet.

What you get with National Broadband

  • Cable modem or NID
  • Business broadband internet connection
  • VLAN with IP address — one of the following:
    • One private and one public VLAN with dynamic IP address
    • One or more private and one public VLAN with static IP address (availability varies)
  • Installation
  • Project management during deployment
  • Circuit testing/tune-up
  • 24x7x365 help desk support for trouble ticket

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